playing tetris on the phone while watching a tv series right there

looking at GDR shitposts on twitter one handedly

make it even more comfortable in bed while looking at GDR memes on twitter

binge-watching 1

writing emails on laptop

picking up a book and start reading

reading about feminist foreign policy

putting a book away

working on laptop in bed 1

working on laptop in bed 2

opening the laptop and entering the password

playing new super mario on a nintendo ds

binge-scrolling 1

scratching face while watching tiktoks where people work very fast

drinking coffee on bedside

drinking coffee and reading emails. the email didn't find me well

putting earpods in the ear and start binge-scrolling

complaining on the phone to a friend about the shitty working conditions as a cultural worker

midday napping 1

face timing

bye bye